The mission of the Our Hearts Beat for Scarlett Foundation is to give children with anoxic brain injuries in the United States the best chance at recovery by helping families in need with financial assistance so that they can obtain the necessary treatments, therapies, equipment and life sustaining necessities that they may otherwise be unable to afford on their own.  


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If you have new or gently used medical equipment, please consider donating it so that another individual might still benefit from its utility.

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 We want to offer our financial support to families in need so that they can keep their focus on recovery and healing.  

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          August 23,2013 we were celebrating our eldest child's 7th Birthday, when we were struck with an unimaginable tragedy. Our 2 year old daughter, Scarlett was running and playing with her siblings when she suddenly collapsed, she was found lifeless, turning blue and without a pulse. Scarlett was in cardiac arrest. Paramedics arrived and were able to resuscitate her with CPR and use of an AED. Scarlett was taken to a local hospital where she was stabilized, but still in very critical condition and then flown by Mercy Flight Central to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Once she arrived in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, she suffered further cardiac arrests. Scarlett was diagnosed with a rare deadly heart arrhythmia disorder, CPVT (Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia) Our beautiful, healthy, full of life toddler had sustained a severe Anoxic Brain Injury, due to the lack of time without a heartbeat and oxygen. Scarlett is currently relearning how to walk, talk, eat and communicate. It has been a long, painful, heartbreaking road, and this journey is not one we would ever want another parent to endure. Throughout this whole experience, Scarlett has never lost her fighting spirit. She continues to amaze all her know her on a daily basis and has been an inspiration to so many. We believe we can best honor our daughter by providing financial assistance to those in need, as well as, helping to educate families and communities on heart arrhythmia disorders, anoxic brain injuries and the importance of CPR and AED training.

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